Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reviews - Country Heart Candles - Soy Tarts

From Karen - Cary, Illinois
Hi, I just wanted to let you know,
I ordered from you last year when the cold weather arrived.
I am so happy with your soy tarts.
I have never in my life bought tarts,
that are scented as well as yours.
The different aromas are breathtaking,
everyone who walks into my home just love their smell.
I have become a regular customer
and I can hardly express how wonderful your scents are.
Other brands that I've tried only last an hour or two,
but yours keep going all day long and linger into the evening.

From Lady Renee - Michigan
I am so very pleased at how incredible your candles are.
I have had them for over a week now,
and just put in another order.
Your Lemon Chiffon is a beautiful light bakery scent.
But I like my candles a little on the stronger side,
so I really like the bolder Creme Brulee, Maple Walnut and Gingerbread.
I love the cake like and dessert scents.
I'm actually burning a Butter Cream candle while writting this.
I LOVE it's rich cake frosting aroma spreading through my home.
Your website has a great Family and Country feel to it.
Plus, your customer service and quick shipping time is GREAT.
I am telling all my friends to help stop global warming
by turning off the electric lights and lighting up the candles.
Your soy wax candles are the greatest.
I even, enjoy burning some when I take a shower.
Thank you so much and God Bless.

Email Us at: countryheartcandles@gmail.com

Website - http://www.maximumscented.com/

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